Single Origin Tincture – 1oz

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This is our single origin tincture with an alcohol base. Infused with premium quality hemp flower. The strain of flower for this batch is Sour Pineapple from East Fork Cultivars.

This is great for adding to your own lotions!

Available in 500mg or 1000mg strengths.

Note – if you buy from us at local farmer’s markets, please send us a message through the contact form, and we will provide you a discount code!

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500mg, 1000mg

1 review for Single Origin Tincture – 1oz

  1. Kate

    Thank you for introducing me to
    the tincture! It is working and i.
    Am feeling a very marked degree
    of pain relief. I have a few
    vacation days so i am testing the
    dose and the timing and i already
    feel so much better! Thank you

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